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Air-Charged Catching Net Gun AWQ756

The net gun powered by compressed air is perfect non-lethal weapon. Comparing with traditional net gun driven by gunpowder, it is a revolutionary new product with many features.
1. Environmentally-friendly products
The net gun does not generate any flames, harmful gas. Only generate low noise as firing.
2. More safety
It is particularly safe to use the net gun in such special locations as the refueling station, oil field, other chemical industrial site, city metro, airport, railway station and bus station.
3. Non-restriction weapon in almost all countries

Because the net gun is powered by compressed air, it is a non-gunpowder firing products, does not belong to military weapon.
1. Security guards
It is more safety to use the net gun in security guards at oil refilling stations, oil fields, chemical industrial sites or some other special locations.
2. Riot Control Force
It is much easier to use the net gun to control a riot at prison, city metros, airports, railway or bus stations,
3. Arrest Criminal Suspects
It is very useful for police or other enforcing authority to arrest criminal suspects. They can capture the suspects without harming them easily.
4. Counter Drug Operation
5. Safe Animal Catching
6. Personal safety

Power: Compressed Air
Net Area: 16M2
Deploy Speed: over 25M/S
Rang: Over 13M
Net material: Unbreakable Nylon Tensile Fiber Net material