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Flashlight Camera ADV010
The Flashlight Camera is a real working flashlight, real time audio video recording function plus take high resolution photos during the day or at night.
● Feature:
1. High quality video camera complete with audio
2. Compact size and portable DVR System
3. 4GB built-in memory
4. MPEG4 Video Recording
5. Support 5-12 Hours VGA recording
6. Built-in CMOS Color VGA Sensor (640x480)
7. Night Vision support
8. Flashlight in 3 modes: High level, Low level, Strobe
9. High brightness LED bulb (Output: 180 Lumens, Distance: 200M)
10. High durable aluminum water proof body
11. Easy download on your computer in USB line
12. Easy operation with one touch control
13. High capacity battery (Runtime: 600 Minutes)

● Application:
1. Patrol of Police, military and law enforcement agencies.
2. Evidence collections of customs and other law enforcement agencies
3. Patrol and equipment inspection at port, rail system, urban and regional services departments. oil field, warehouse, factory etc.
4. Personal safety