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Diversion Safe (Fake Safe)

Everyone needs a safe place at home to stash some things. It is a great way to store all handguns, cash, valuables and keepsakes in plain sight with our innovative diversion safes (also called fake safes).

There are two choices for store your important objects. One is general can safes and diversion safes. Another one is regular residential security safes. Generally can safes can not be locked and are unsafe absolutely if someone see through it. In the meantime, general can safe don't have plenty room to store large items (such as a handgun). Regular residential security safes can not be disguised very well and are a dead giveaway. Our patented diversion book safe combined the advantages of both products, offer more protection for your objects. Especially for handgun, our book safe is more safe for child.

We offer a wide variety of book safe, book gun safe, paint can safe, personal care, household products and food containers. We have been developing more diversion safes in new functions, many different shapes and sizes.